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IHOP Restaurant – Menu and Service

What’s special about the IHOP Restaurant?

The International House of Pancakes, popularly called IHOP is an American restaurant chain specializing in delicious breakfast foods.  Owned by DineEquity, 99% of the chain’s restaurants are operated by independent franchisees.  IHOP’s menu also features lunch and dinner selections, but its main focus is on a whole variety of breakfast foods like pancakes, French toast, waffles, and omelets.

ihop pancakeWhat is unique about IHOP restaurants is that they serve breakfast foods round the clock.  So, whether it is 4pm or even 10pm and you suddenly feel like feasting on your favorite breakfast food, all you have to do is find out where’s the nearest IHOP.  Or, if you are one of those ardent breakfast lovers who simply can’t have enough of pancakes, eggs and waffles, and even prefer scrambled eggs, sausage biscuits and buttered toast for lunch and dinner to traditional meals, IHOP is the place for you.

Those who frequently eat at restaurants know that people usually have a tough time finding  restaurants serving breakfast beyond the conventional breakfast hours of  around 7am to11:30am.  But fortunately for connoisseurs of breakfast foods, there are a handful of restaurants that offer traditional morning food whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening or night. And the most well known of this lot is IHOP.

IHOP is a premier family restaurant offering a variety of delectable options in their all-day breakfast menu, besides entrees for lunch and dinner.  IHOP offers excellent menu items at low prices, and with friendly service for casual dining.  From fluffy pancakes and salads to juicy burgers IHOP has something for everyone.

A brief history of IHOP restaurant

Jery and Al Lapin along with Albert Kallis set up the first IHOP restaurant way back in 1958.  And since then, newer restaurants have opened across the United States, as well as in the Canadian region of British Columbia, and in the Mexican cities of Monterrey, Querétaro, Tampico, and Mexico City.  Today, the chain has around 1,500 IHOP restaurants in all the 50 states, besides locations in Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

IHOP menu and service

At each table you’ll find a sugar boat and also syrup dispensers for three different flavors of pancake syrup: strawberry, blueberry, and old fashioned.  At IHOP restaurants, they also serve warm corn syrup that is artificially maple-flavored, and offered with every meal that includes pancakes or waffles.

A few years ago, the core IHOP menu was revamped by adding newer options for lunch and dinner, so it was no more merely a breakfast restaurant.

Recently, “New York Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes” and “Butterscotch Rocks Pancakes” replaced “Corn Cake Pancakes”.  And even more recently, Butterscotch Rocks were pulled off IHOP’s menu.

The “international” addition to the chain’s name derives from three core crepe-style pancakes on the menu: “German” (served with lemon butter, lemon slices and powdered sugar), “Swedish” (served with lingonberry butter and lingonberries) and “French” (served along with orange marmalade).  These crepes topped with fruits are served along with an egg-and-meat plate as the restaurant’s “International Passport Breakfast.  Belgian waffles and French toast further emphasize the menu’s international theme.

Buyout of Applebee’s

On November 29, 2007, IHOP acquired Applebee’s for US$2.1 billion.  As part of the take over, a renewal of Applebee’s menu, image and a new re-marketing scheme for the brand was undertaken.

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