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All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP 2011

IHOP offers All You Can Eat Pancakes till Feb 27, 2011

IHOP has got a great ultimate value deal for pancake lovers starting this New Year.  For a limited time, IHOP is again offering their All You Can Eat Pancakes promo on their menu.  From now until February 27, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes at participating locations.  The special IHOP combo deal starts with two sumptuous buttermilk pancakes, along with crispy hash browns, eggs done in any style, and your choice of ham, bacon or pork sausage.  You can then have extra servings of floppy pancakes that are served three at a time, until you are satisfied.

ihop all you can eat pancakesThis All You Can Eat Pancakes special combo deal would be available at breakfast, lunch or dinner time.  Though all the IHOP restaurants may not participate in this limited time promotional offer, many will due to the huge popularity of this special promo deal.  This special combo deal is priced at $4.99. Price may vary depending on the location.

IHOP is the perfect place to usher in the New Year, bringing families together, especially if you have resolved to save your money or to enjoy the sweet side of life more often in this New Year.

You can complement your experience of ‘All You Can Eat Pancakes’ with a cup of hot International House Roast Coffee.  The coffee is served tableside, in IHOP’s signature Never-Empty coffee pots.  If you’re looking for something more special, IHOP also offers a large mug of International House Flavored Roast Coffee in various flavors such White Chocolate, Raspberry Mocha, Swiss Mocha, and French Vanilla.  Apart from these seasonal or regional specialty drinks, a full line of soft drinks would be available to accompany the meal.

Please note that you may not use any IHOP coupons with this promotional offer.  For more information about the conditions on this special offer, check with your nearest IHOP restaurant or visit IHOP official website.

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